SoundNotion interview

I was a guest this week on Sound Notion and it was fun being interviewed by Patrick, David, Sam and Nate!

Listen to our conversation here:

I noticed that in the tumble of real-time discussion, a couple points were a bit unclear, so to offer a couple corrections:

Midori (whom I met in Pre-College when she first came to the US and who was also my high-school classmate) has indeed played and programmed a lot of contemporary music, particularly in the last 10-15 years.

Patrick states that he has never heard anyone say that they don’t like speaking and explanation to be offered at concerts. Thinking on that now, I recall that I have, on just a few occasions, heard people say after events that they wanted more music and less talk. With written program notes, the audience can choose whether or not, or when, to read them.¬†Particularly with new music, I think most people appreciate having a written note available, if not a spoken intro. In any case, as a performer/presenter, I feel you should just speak or write as feels right to you for the occasion – and hope that it all helps toward connection, illumination and understanding.